Getting the Hang of It

Getting the Hang of It

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With insulation in place, it’s finally time to make our house feel more like a home—and I can’t think of any better way to do that (at least at this point in the project) than to hang some drywall!

Many home-renovation survivors will agree that costs can easily get out of hand. To help keep us on track, my father-in-law traded services with a local drywall contractor. FIL moved some dirt (i.e. , fixed the driveway and extended waterlines to the contractor’s log cabin, which happened to be in renovation mode, too) in exchange for the labor to hang Sheetrock and mud drywall in our house—we can’t thank you enough, FIL!

Photo by Stephanie Staton

Our job: supply the materials—no small feat when it comes to drywalling an entire house. My husband worked up the numbers as best he could and sent me to the closest big-box store to place our order. (We tried to find local providers but couldn’t locate anyone close enough to be affordable or willing to work with us on our limited project—more on that in a minute.)

With such a big order, I had to go through the commercial building department where a nice young lady helped me transform a few hardly legible scribbles into a massive order with a not-so-tiny bill. Even so, it came out closer to budget than anything else thus far. The odd part about it is that it came from a pseudo-local supplier that wouldn’t offer those prices directly—something to look into if your renovation budget is tight—but they were able to offer it because of the “bulk” way in which they delivered orders for our area through the big-box store.

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