Field Planted to Look Like Van Gogh’s ‘Olive Trees’ Painting

Field Planted to Look Like Van Gogh’s ‘Olive Trees’ Painting

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Stan Herd is a landscape artist and has been for the last 40 years. His farm and field designs are works of art, with his first being a 160-acre portrait of Satanta, a Kiowa Indian chief, Colossal reports. Most recently, Herd was commissioned by the Minneapolis Institute of Art to recreate Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh’s 1889 painting, “Olive Trees.”

Creating the piece involved “mowing, digging, planting and earthscaping,” according to Colossal, and took several weeks to complete.

Screenshot via Vimeo

The piece will be viewable through the fall of this year. Afterwards, Herd will mow it down in a concentric circle pattern – a technique Van Gogh also used in his paintings (remember “The Starry Night”?).

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