Easy-To-Light Luminary

Easy-To-Light Luminary

Can or jar luminaries are nothing novel, but this simple modification can make them so much easier to use. Whether you decide to use a tin can or a mason jar for your candle holder, it can be huge pain to try to light the candle. The choices are basically to light the candle inside the container getting burned by a rapidly burning match, lighting the candle first then trying to drop it into the container without burning yourself or putting it out, or using long matches, which seem like a waste. This a is very easy older-kid-friendly craft where a little extra wire can go a long way.

What You’ll Need:

  • tin can
  • pliable wire (I used a colored floral wire from the dollar store, but you could chose from a variety of craft or hardware options.)
  • pliers/wire cutters
  • tea-light candle holder
  • tea light
  • hammer and nail or drill
  • can opener

Step 1

If you haven’t done so already, open the can eat the food and rinse it out. If you have access to a Safety Can opener that leaves the edges dull and not sharp, this is great time use it.

Step 2

Use the hammer and nail or drill to punch holes in the can either randomly or in a design of your choice. Be sure to place two hole on opposite sides of the can near the top, where you thread wire for the handle. It can be help to fill the can with water and freeze it before punching the holes to add stability. Then dump the ice block when you’re finished.

Step 3

Cut a length of wire for the handle, and run each end of it through the handle holes, folding the wire back up and twisting to itself to secure it.

Step 4

Cut two lengths of wire about double the depth of the can.

Step 5

Twist the wires together at their mid points, and fan the prongs out at 90-degree intervals.

Step 6

Place a tea-light holder in the center of the crossed wires, and fold the prongs up.

Step 7

Use pliers to curl the ends of the wires out about one turn.

Step 8

Place the wire candle holder into the can, shaping the wires so the curls rest on the rim of the can.

Step 9

To light the candle, simply lift the wires up to reach the wick, and easily rest it back in place for burning. Warning: As with any flame heat is created to be cautious when grabbing the wire handles or can after the candle has been burning.

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Emily Lawrence Mendoza is a graphic designer and crafty mom who recently started her own blog She loves sewing and crafting without breaking the bank and using items that can be easily sourced.

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