Cherishing the Autumn Garden

Cherishing the Autumn Garden

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Photo by Jessica Walliser
There’s no better way to savor autumn than to spend time in the garden.

I know fall has arrived when the hens quit laying. But more importantly, commence appreciating fall’s beautiful weather—perfect for gardening (at least as long as it isn’t raining).

I get my best gardening done on sunny fall days. Wheel-barrowing compost, yanking out spent tomato plants, pulling dried up pole beans, planting garlic and tulips, mulching, and perennial planting are all chores that seem to be so much easier when the weather is cooler and the ground is soft with rain. Even weeding is a little more fun these days (only a little, mind you).

Tomorrow, I will be lucky enough to spend the whole day in the garden. I am car-less, due to my near-expired state inspection sticker, and plan on going nowhere but to the garden. I have a long list of to-do’s and relish the opportunity to spend a few hours by myself, away from the computer and out in autumn’s sunshine.

My problem now is knowing where to start. Do I complete all the small projects first (giving myself the pleasurable opportunity to cross lots of items off that list) or do I do one big-ticket project (giving myself the pleasurable opportunity of seeing a project from start to finish in only one day)? I may have to decide in the morning based on muscle aches (I took my first ever yoga class this morning … yikes!) and, of course, the ever-unpredictable weather forecast.

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