A New Kind Of Show Chicken

A New Kind Of Show Chicken

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PHOTO: Robyn Anderson/Flickr

The days of fair-based chicken shows, with judges wielding American Poultry Association breed standards, aren’t exactly a thing of the past, but they do seem a little archaic thanks to a new kind of chicken beauty pageant.

The 2016 Prettiest Chicken Contest, in Fort Collins, Colo., is playing up the popularity of backyard flocks, many of which boast fancy chicken breeds, like Silkies and Polishes, that are more well-known for their looks than for their eggs or meat. And the judges: an all-kid panel—not stodgy chicken experts. During this year’s competition several birds took home prizes. Here’s a peek at some of the favorite categories and the contestants that won them (as originally reported by NPR):

  • Best In Show: Agnes, an Easter Egger
  • Prettiest Plumage: Patsy, a Laced Polish
  • Best Dressed: Miss Felicia Fancy Feet, a Buff Brahma

There were also prizes awarded for Loveliest Legs and Coolest Cluck.

Would you enroll your chicken in a beauty pageant just for the fun of it?

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