73 Photos Of Chicks, Ducklings And One Absolutely Precious Quail

73 Photos Of Chicks, Ducklings And One Absolutely Precious Quail

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PHOTO: Kathy Shea Mormino

What better to get you amped up for this weekends’ egg hunts than this flock of chicks, ducklings and other barnyard poultry babies. While these precious peepers aren’t laying eggs (colored or otherwise) quite yet, they win a spot in our heart any day. And they are obviously one of you our audience’s favorite farm friends. Take a look at this collection of baby poultry you shared with us as we continue to celebrate Baby Animal Month, and tell us your favorite part of chicken, duck, goose or quail keeping.

Want to share photos of your farm’s piglets and other baby animals? Head over to our Facebook page through the month of April, where we’ll be talking about all things baby livestock.

Courtesy Sharon Biggs Waller

Courtesy Rachel Tayse

Courtesy Sky T.

Courtesy Saminder M.

Courtesy Natalie F.

Courtesy Nan M.

Courtesy Lisa Steele

Courtesy Barb Adams

Courtesy Jan Berry

Courtesy Jessica Walliser

Courtesy @jlendleys_poultry/via Instagram

Courtesy @bellurd/via Instagram

Courtesy Amber R.

Courtesy Mellissia S.

Courtesy Becky O.

Courtesy Lanie-lee A.

Courtesy Angela B.

Courtesy Amy W.

Courtesy Stephanie Ann H.

Courtesy @farmbugaboo/via Instagram

Courtesy @jessicarell/via Instagram

Courtesy Hannah M.

Courtesy Melissa B.

Courtesy Sandra P.

Courtesy Sky T.

Courtesy Dacia M.

Courtesy Lorraine W.

Courtesy Michele Lee K.

Courtesy Michael L.

Courtesy MaLiesa M.

Courtesy Katie M.

Courtesy Karla H.

Courtesy Eric C.

Courtesy Lacy C.

Courtesy Fair Haven Farms

Courtesy Jutta S.

Courtesy Jennifer J.

Courtesy Courtney C.

Courtesy Bobbie M.

Courtesy Aimee N.

Courtesy Natalie F.

Courtesy Michele Lee K.

Courtesy Pamela D.

Courtesy Kristal A.

Courtesy Anne-Louise K.

Courtesy Cat H.

Courtesy Deana H.

Courtesy Donna A.

Courtesy Fawnia C.

Courtesy Kelly W.

Courtesy Kerry R.

Courtesy Sheryl K.

Courtesy Samuel L.

Courtesy Saminder M.

Courtesy Robin B.

Courtesy Rick D.

Courtesy Rebecca L.

Courtesy Kristina L.

Courtesy Rebecca L.

Courtesy Lani-lee A.

Courtesy Rob M.

Courtesy Kristina L.

Courtesy Karen T.

Courtesy Tricia O.

Courtesy Suzanne C.

Courtesy Stephanie V.

Courtesy Sheryl K.

Courtesy Tricia O.

Courtesy Stephanie V.

Courtesy Sheryl K.

Courtesy Lani-lee Almich

Courtesy Kristina L.

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