5 Quick Labor Day Craft Projects

5 Quick Labor Day Craft Projects

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The last days of summer are just around the corner, and Labor Day means one last hurrah before the autumn harvesting begins and winter quickly ushers us inside. After spending quality time with family and friends at a farewell-to-summer barbecue, use the remainder of your holiday to break into the craft box and create a new homespun accent for your farmhouse.

The great thing about these five crafts is that you don’t need to buy new supplies—they can be made with scrap items found around your home and yard. Have mismatched dishes made it into your donate pile? Turn them into an eclectic tiered serving tray for your next farmstead gathering or a quaint bird feeder for the garden. Is the pile of scrap fabric from past projects getting too high? Get to work on patchwork placemats to brighten up the kitchen. What about those limbs and sticks from the recent round of shrub pruning? Put them to work in a customized jewelry tree. They are easy to make (some taking only a matter of minutes!) and can be modified to suit your home décor and farmhouse personality.

Clicke on the photos of each project below for more detailed craft instructions. When you finish your project, upload photos of the final product to the Hobby Farms Forums.

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