25 Photos of You and Your Cow

25 Photos of You and Your Cow

What is a farm without a cow? They provide dairy and meat. They keep our forage fields from becoming overgrown. Their manure can be composted and spread on the garden for a nutritional boost. Cows have so much to offer our farms, and we love them for that! That’s why for Cow Appreciation Day, we asked you to share your photos of you and your cows. You sent in a lot of great snapshots—both sweet and funny. Here are some of our favorites.

Courtesy Adam B.

Courtesy Joanna P.

Courtesy Janell J.

Courtesy Gina Z.

Courtesy Della S.

Courtesy David G.

Courtesy Cindy F.

Courtesy Charlie P.

Courtesy Amy S.

Courtesy Kathy C.

Courtesy Kimberley C.

Courtesy Kimberly P.

Courtesy Kimberly F.

Courtesy Laura B.

Courtesy Lee B.

Courtesy Lisa S.

Courtesy Lora H.

Courtesy Paige H.

Courtesy Regina L.

Courtesy Sherry F.

Courtesy Stacey B.

Courtesy Stacy S.

Courtesy Sue L.

Courtesy Todd K.

Courtesy Tony S.

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