Check Out These Farm-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Check Out These Farm-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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PHOTO: fabyologist/Instagram

Halloween is the time of year we get to step outside ourselves and also show the parts of ourselves that usually remain hidden. This can take the form of ghosts, zombies, witches and vampires, but it can also mean embodying some of the living things or machinery we see on the farm. Believe it or not, some of Halloween’s roots come from our agricultural heritage, so we’re rather fond of costumes that look to the farm for inspiration (as well as some that get farm animals into the act). These are among our favorite costumes we saw in a recent search of Instagram.

We start with a youngster who has passed up livestock and crops to go right for the machinery.

Here’s one woman’s very beautiful take on a pig.

This couple embodies “a chicken and her colonel.”

This mom and daughter make a great cow and calf.

This family ghoulishly makes a horse part of the dress-up fun.

Here’s another calf, only this time mom is a scarecrow rather than a cow.

This one’s pretty clever — I bet no customer would expect to get a baby with the monthly CSA package.

Chefveganessa and her male friend dress up as kale.

Is this one a horse or a pig? The answer is “yes.”

Wow. This garlic costume probably wasn’t that difficult to make, but it sure does look elaborate. (This costume could also separate the fake vampires from the real ones.)

Ooh — nice red touches on this Swiss chard costume.

Check out the fade on this scallion. Well done.

Here’s another adorable take on a pig.

A photo posted by Gracie Mehedinti (@grrraciekins) on

We end it with another domestic animal, this one incorporating a chicken (via the egg) and a pig (via bacon). Hot dog! (Sorry. Couldn’t hold back.)

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